Standing up for: Public Services and Infrastructure

Joe_Pease.pngJoe Pease, Traffic Signal Technician, Roads Department

“I find it gratifying to know that my work keeps the people of this community safe.” 

Joe is the only traffic signal technician in Sonoma County, and as such has a big responsibility to help keep some of the more than 1,400 miles of Sonoma County roads well maintained and safe.

He ensures all county traffic signals are working properly; it requires odd hours and Joe is often called out in the middle of the night to respond to traffic accidents. He also works during holidays and often in inclement weather. 

Joe says it is thousands of dollars cheaper to enroll his family in his wife’s part-time benefits package than his full-time benefits with the County. 

Stand up for people like Joe, who work hard day and night to improve public services and infrastructure.