Sonoma County Workers Begin Contract Talks; Testify in Santa Rosa in Support of Rent Stabilization

Over 2,000 SEIU Local 1021 Members Seek Improved Public Services, Better Working Conditions, and Affordable Healthcare
Santa Rosa, CA —  Some 2,000 workers responsible for providing critical public services in Sonoma County begin contract negotiations today with County administrators. The three-year contract with workers represented by Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 1021 expires on October 31st of this year.

"Our goals are to secure improved services for our county's residents, affordable and quality healthcare for our families, and better working conditions for the people tasked with providing these services throughout the county," said Billy Harville, a Social Worker and President of SEIU 1021’s Sonoma County Chapter.
SEIU Local 1021 represents more than 2,000 workers who clean Sonoma County's many parks, fix our roads, care for our seniors and developmentally disabled, and connect pregnant mothers and newborns to healthcare and nutrition programs. They’re also payroll clerks, nurses, social workers, city planners, and animal rescueworkers. At the bargaining table, workers will push for improved services to the community through better staff development, a fair compensation package that will contribute to the growth of the County’s strong economy, and limits to outsourcing local jobs outside the County.
Despite the County’s strong economic position, rising healthcare and housing costs are making economic inequality worse. County workers are seeking to contain healthcare costs that are squeezing allSonoma County families. Some are forced to turn to public programs like Medi-Cal even as economists predict a bright economic future for the county.
Many Sonoma County workers are struggling to afford to live in the county they serve. They are scheduled to testify before theSanta Rosa’s City Council at 4:00 pm today to ensure that Sonoma County is affordable for all working families. The City Council is considering a temporary moratorium on rent increases. The purpose of this 45-day proposed moratorium is to allow the Council time to implement a study on the impact of permanent rent control for the County’s largest city.

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