Who We Are

Stand Up Sonoma County is a coalition of community groups, working families and County workers. SEIU Local 1021’s Sonoma County chapters represents more than 2,200 workers, from public health nurses, roads and parks maintenance workers, civilian employees at the Sheriff's department, and social workers.

We make Sonoma County a safe and healthy place to live and raise our families. We clean our parks, fix our roads, care for our seniors and developmentally disabled, and connect pregnant mothers and newborns to healthcare and nutrition programs.

Our region has fully recovered from the Great Recession: the County budget stands in surplus and the region’s industries are more profitable than ever. Despite this regional prosperity, household incomes have remained stagnant for most Sonoma County residents. With the increase in the cost of housing and healthcare, earnings have declined for everyone. Economic inequality has increased significantly for our region, and public services have been cut.

We're standing together to demand greater investment in our communities and public services, and to encourage our elected leaders to adopt smart public policies that put our communities first. Join us.